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Elantra Customizing

There's something very special about the Elantra. First of all you don't see a lot of them on the road. No run-of-the-mill Honda here. The uniquely styled hatchback and good looking sedan are great starting points for upgrading.  Because of the reasonable price tag, a lot of owners are thinking about customizing their cars.

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APC Elantra
Elantra GT modified by APC
Custom Elantra by Concepto

Elantra Aftermarket Buyer's Guide

Our buyer's guide will focus on all areas of modifications. This includes cosmetic mods as well as performance mods and much more. As the Elantra grows in popularity (and it will) more and more aftermarket parts will certainly become available for our car. Look to The Hyundai Elantra Club for the latest customizing ideas on this terrific car!
Note: The information in this section is specifically for the 2001-2006 Hyundai Elantras, and does not pertain to other model years.

Under the Hood
Give your car a little more get up & go!

Suspension Tuning
Let's work on the road handling!

Exhaust System
Let my air flow free!

Transmission Work
Getting it in gear!

Brake Job
Stop it faster!

Tires & Wheels
Getting a better grip!

Body Work
Making heads turn!

Aftermarket Lighting
Light it up!

Odds & ends!

Disclaimer: The information contained within this section involves modifications to the stock Elantra. Any modification could potentially void your warranty
or lead to unintentional damage to your vehicle. The Elantra Club is not responsible for any damages related to this modification information. All modifications are done at your own risk