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Pedal Sets

An Easy Upgrade
One of the things I loved about the GT was the exceptional price. With the money I saved it was easier on the wallet to customize the car. The first thing I decided to do was spruce up the interior a little. I started with the boring standard dash and upgraded to a aluminum one. The dash kit made a world of difference, brightening up the interior. Next up was replacing the stock pedal set. There are definitely quite a few ways to go here with a large array of pedals sets from companies like Momo, Sparco and Ichibahn to name a few. They're pretty much universal fit but they also require drilling. I wanted something that didn't require drilling, yet something that looked great. And I found it!
It just so happens the 2003 Tiburon's aluminum pedals (part #08850-2C000 M/T, #08850-2C010 A/T, #08840-2C000 footrest) fit the 2001-2003 Elantras perfectly! Not only do they fit great, look great and work great; the price is right. How about less than $30 dollars for the pedals and footrest? And talk about an easy installation... no drilling at all. Just remove the old rubber clutch and brake pedal pads and fit the new ones on. The accelerator pedal is plastic and the new pedal simply slips on. The footrest was a breeze as well only one screw holds the old one in place. Simply place the aluminum one on and tighten the screw. Installation time: less than 15 minutes total! And the look is phenomenol. Combined with the aluminum dash I have it gives a very European sport sedan look to my GT's interior.
Unfortunately this mod does not fully work on '04 and up Elantras. The footrest and brake are fine but Hyundai changed the gas pedal design and the Tib pedal cover will not fit properly. The footrest and brake are fine. There is a workaround though, click here for the DIY.

An Interesting Comparison
Hyundai vs. Audi
One of the things that sold me on this particular pedal set is the
fact it is an Audi TT lookalike. The photo below on the left is my
Elantra GT with the Tibby pedals installed. The photo on the right
features the Audi TT's pedal set. Amazing, huh?

My GT with '03 Tiburon pedals

Audi TT
Pedals from an Audi TT roadster